Andy Brook

Photographer Andy Brook

“I’ve always, for as long as I can remember, had an interest in taking pictures but for many years never invested in this hobby. Growing up in the county of Kent in southeast England, also known as ‘the garden of England’, I was surround by a mixture of land and seascapes and numerous species of birdlife that should have inspired me to greater things.

However it wasn’t until I visited Canada, several year’s ago that my photographic fuse was truly ignited. I can remember the exact moment that I decided to commit to photography and secure myself a ‘proper’ camera. As a stood face to face with a fully-grown Bald eagle, wings spread wide, I realized that the ’throw away’ camera in my pocket was not going to ‘cut the mustard’

Since this moment I have parted company with many a British Pound in my pursuit of the perfect picture. Fortunately my best friend Maggie, who also happens to be my wife!, has supported me in my efforts. She has the ability to be kind when the images are good and very honest when they are not.

We now own a house on beautiful Price Edward Island and whilst we can’t spend all of our time there we do get to share many day’s just wandering and taking the best pictures I can. I’ve even managed to get a half decent eagle picture but I know I will better it the next time. There’s always the next time.

I hope you enjoy them.”

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