About the Photographer

About the Photographer


Born is Saskatchewan and at an early age became interested in cameras and photography.  Had several snap and shoot cameras for taking pictures of friends and family.  My first big step was when, through a school project, I sold enough magazines that I qualified to get my first 35mm slide camera. WOW! I then started reading and learning about basic photography, composition, exposure and depth of field.  

 Then came a lucky break, my fathers boss was a professional photographer and took me under his wing and taught  me many techniques and advanced my abilities and gave me the confidence to advance my skills and knowledge that I had learned.  At age 16 I sold my first photos while living in Churchill Manitoba, polar bear country.  I published 6 photographs into post cards, one in particular of a polar bear sold over 50,000 copies.

From that time I have tried industrial photography, portraits, and one wedding was enough to know I did not want to do that again!  It all came back to my real love and that is nature, wildlife and birds.  Although I do like landscape and seascapes as well.  Then at a point in my life I became very frustrated and very critical of my images, nothing was good enough and I quit.  Pack away my gear and did not take another image for over 15 years until digital photography started.  The technical side of this new era caught my interest and I started over.Hope you enjoy the images.  Leave comments if you wish and if you desire to purchase any of the images please contact me.

My Vision

I simply would like to share my images for others to enjoy.  In time, as I build out this site, I plan to provide provisions to purchase image rights online as well as printed images. Until that time if you would like to acquire the rights to any of the images, please do not hesitate to contact me.

My vision as well is to feature and promote fellow photographers and a sample of their images on this site. 

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