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Pierre Morissette

I studied photography at school in norther Quebec as a teenager and immediately fell in love with this art form. Like all photographers in the 1970s I used a 35mm camera with film but it was very expensive so with my young age and lack of financial resources I had to give up photography. Like many photographers the arrival of digital cameras in the early 2000s give me the desire to return to photography. Since that time I have never stopped taking photos.  My biggest passion is nature photography and especially birds, I do landscape photography and I also do semi-professionally wedding photo, birthday, family and portrait in my studio or outside.  For several years now, I have been trying to share my passion with other nature lovers by giving free photography classes to young people in the field so that they understand the importance of preserving  and respecting nature. I think by taking pictures of birds in the wild will make them aware of the importance of nature around them.  I must also mention that my wife Monique, who is also my studio assistant, is very involved with young disabled people in my area to make them aware of photography.  I hope you enjoy your visit

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